I’m a Workaholic…?

Somewhere after “So, tell me about yourself” comes “What is your biggest weakness” in an interview. This has always been one of the most tricky questions for me, and is practically guaranteed to be among the list. According to an article written by Liz Seasholtz, here is the breakdown of the “million-dollar” answer:

“…the best response breaks down into three parts. First, demonstrate you’re self-aware by stating a weakness. Second, share how you’re taking initiative to improve upon it. And third, discuss your success thus far…For example, if you’re bad at giving presentations, you might identify your weakness as public speaking. Tell how you overcame this weakness by constantly volunteering to present on behalf of your department in your old job, or attending Toastmasters meetings. Then reflect on your comfort level with presenting now.”

This is definitely the best advice I’ve ever heard for answering this daunting question. Have you heard any other tips for answering this or other tricky interview questions?

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