Big News on a Friday Afternoon?

Sarah Palin announced on the afternoon of Friday July 3, 2009 that she would be stepping down from her position as Governor of Alaska later on this month.

There are various reasons floating around as to the basis for Palin’s decision. Members of the Palin camp claim that she has decided to step down so that she can ‘take the fight for her issues elsewhere’ or so that she can focus on her bid for the presidency in 2012. On another level, there are also rumors circulating that there are ethical concerns relating to Palin’s involvement with the Wasilla Sports Complex, including the idea that she may have personally benefitted from this deal.
But back up a minute. Sarah Palin made a big announcement on a Friday afternoon? One of the first lessons we learned in my News Writing and Media Relations class was that it is highly strategic to hold a press conference on a Friday; many newsrooms are reduced in numbers at this point in the week, and it is often difficult for them to arrange coverage in time for deadline. Holding a conference on a Friday afternoon allows one to appear transparent and available without having to fully engage with the press. Palin would know this too, as her background is in journalism.
Politics aside, from a PR standpoint, Palin’s decision seems pretty fishy…

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