Back to the Basics

I came across this Public Relations Best Practices Tip Sheet online and found it very helpful. After all, even the pros can sometimes use a little brushing up on the basics. Check out these ten tips:

  1. Know what “news” is.
  2. Let the media know about your news in a timely and concise fashion.
  3. The editor’s job is to report on what readers want to read, so let them do what they do best. “Present your strengths, your best story, then let it go…don’t be a needler.”
  4. For product stuff it’s sometimes easier best to send the gear out first and ask questions later. “a box full of fresh gear is always more appealing than a fuzzy jpeg.”
  5. Build relationships. Be “a resource that is quick to respond, easy to deal with, and delivers on time.”
  6. Plan, plan, plan.
  7. Editors are always busy and sometimes lazy. If you can make their job easier, you’ll get farther.
  8. E-mail is the best way to communicate.
  9. Consider your storyline.
  10. Even big newspapers these days are desperate to build page views online. Consider sending e-mails directly to online writers ,”many of whom are eager to meet story quotas.”

What tips would you add to this list? Do you disagree with any?

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