The Big ‘O’

One word…


Perhaps what any public relations professional fears most is when a client hopes to be featured on an episode of Oprah or just obtain her seal of approval. It’s near unattainable.

Check out this article on about a technology application company, Poolhouse, who unexpectedly received a call from the producers of the Oprah Winfrey show; just the same it disucesses the effects from being featured on her show. This article doesn’t offer any tips for PR folks but it just proves the press and feature from Oprah really is tremendous. Take the micro-blogging site Twitter, we’re all familiar with… After Oprah discussed Twitter on her show the site’s traffic increased 43%! The “Oprah Effect” as many often refer to it, is something authors, new technology application or devices, service providers and everything in between dream to be a part of. Oprah’s endorsement covers one of “the fastest-growing demographic in social media and tech,” which “are the ‘soccer moms’—35- to 50-year-old women.” Oprah has approved and endless amount of products, pretty much promising popularity, profit and success for each company or promoter.

In considering the “Oprah Effect,” what are your opinions?

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