A Different Kind of Thinking

During my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to see a Temple StOC professor speak at one of our PRSSA meetings. He told us that since we were working towards our Bachelor of Arts degrees, we needed to learn something about art! As I was selecting the classes that I was going to take during my summer session abroad, I knew I wanted to take at least one art class. I decided to take art history, and I’m so happy with my choice. There may be no better place in the world for me to study this particular subject!

Part of the reason I love my art history course so much is my wonderful professor. Not only is he a professor that we can ask all of our questions to, but his mind works in a completely different way than mine does. Since I’m a Strategic and Organizational Communications (StOC) major, my thinking has turned into just that. My art history professor has such an open mind; he learns by seeing and absorbing, rather than writing tons of notes and thinking extremely logically. On a class excursion to an estate north of Rome last week, he told our class to sit on a hill and listen to him read a passage from a book. He told us to just listen and look around at our surroundings, or close our eyes and try to absorb the words he was reading.

Even though I can’t go through the rest of my StOC classes with the mentality I have during my art history class, it has introduced me to a different way of thinking. I’ll be able to use this in my StOC classes when I am experiencing writers block or something similar. I will be able to open my mind more, think less, and let ideas come.

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