As many of you know, Jessica Lawlor, who acted as director of public relations for PRowl Public Relations, recently left our organization to become president of Temple PRSSA.

My name is Emily Woodward, and I will be taking over her duties as director of public relations. A little about me: I’m originally from Lancaster, Pa. I will begin my junior year at Temple this upcoming fall, and am majoring in public relations. Besides being involved with PRowl, I’m an active member of Temple PRSSA and the Temple Student Alumni Association. I love to read and I’m also interested in travel. I find the field of public relations fascinating and am dedicated to sharing and learning as much as I can!

Jessica has taught me a lot over the course of the last semester, as she is extremely knowledgeable and versed within the field of public relations! Her presence at PRowl Public Relations will truly be missed. She has left big shoes to fill, but I promise to do my best.

That being said, I am looking forward to interacting with the surrounding community on behalf of PRowl Public Relations!

  • As always, please feel free to contact us by e-mailing prowlpr@gmail.com. I promise to respond quickly and thoroughly!
  • We also welcome your feedback about our blog! Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what you agree and disagree with. What would you like to see more- or less- of? I will do my best to act upon your feedback.
  • Please also consider following the firm on Twitter! Find us @PRowlPR. I will be tweeting about what’s new on our blog, as well as interesting information about our firm and the field of public relations. You can also follow me on Twitter @Ecwdwd.
  • Did you know that PRowl Public Relations also has a Facebook group? Check us out!

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