PRowl Public Relations/PRSSA Fundraising

It’s tough being a student organization.

We do receive some money from Temple University, but for the most part, we fundraise heavily throughout the school year to raise money for our chapter and firm.

Last year, we held comedy shows and an open mic/spoken word event. This year, we have held several cupcake sales (yes, just cupcakes…they are quite a popular item!).

On Wednesday, Temple University celebrated Spring Fling, an all day event where student organizations set up tables outside on campus and fundraise and promote their organizations. There are moon bounces, free food, and bands playing all day long.

For the last few years, our PRSSA chapter has been quite successful in selling pina coloda and strawberry daiquiri flavored smoothies. This year was no different. The weather wasn’t ideal, but we still had a great day.

Me (Incoming PRSSA president) and Olivia (PRowl PR fundraising liasion, and incoming PRSSA fundraising director) in front of our lovely PRSSA banner at Spring Fling.

PRSSA members manning the Spring Fling table. Mary, on the very left is our current fundraising director, and has done a great job raising money for our organization this year.

For all of you students out there, how does your PRSSA chapter (or any organization for that matter) fundraise? We’d love to try out some new events and ideas next year!

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