Twitter is Everywhere

In these technological days, it is safely said that Twitter now plays a significant role in public relations. When I first heard about the social networking site, I was somewhat skeptical. I became convinced that Twitter is a lasting networking tool while watching the University of Oklahoma women’s basketball team’s recent run to the Final Four on ESPN. The commentators mentioned Twitter numerous times because the network itself has an account. It is used primarily for feeding followers story headlines from their website.

ESPN has over 67,000 followers while it is following over 74,000. So what is ESPN’s purpose of all that tweeting? It can allow ESPN to make a personal connection with its many admirers and sports fanatics. It can also be used to measure the network’s perception. It appears the trend is going strong. All the major networks have Twitter accounts, including CNN, which has over 855,000 followers.

This just further proves that, like it or not, Twitter is here to stay.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Stephanie Loiero. Follow her on Twitter: @xo_steph

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