Philadelphia: the city of bRotherly love

Public Relations in Philadelphia is more than just some corporate, money-hungry, entertainment industry, people really seem to love PR in Philly. Everyone’s typical Public Relations dream is to do PR for George Clooney or P-Diddy (or whatever his name is now), hell it was even my dream, it was the reason I picked Public Relations as a major. But when I look at the professionals and students that I meet in Philadelphia every day, everyone seems to be passionate about the basics of Public Relations; the writing, the honesty and planning, not just the glitz and glamour. Sure, everyone wants to be successful at what they do, but does it have to be in the typical “Hollywood” fashion?

Recently, I met a public relations professional who has been working in the non-profit industry for twenty years in Philadelphia. Most people would think of this as hell, but not her. I was astonished at her passion when she spoke about her career and the satisfaction she receives out of doing something she loves every day. And I began to realize that every story I‘ve heard of PR professionals in Philadelphia has began to reshape the way I think about Public Relations. And then it clicked, wow I finally know what it means to be successful = happiness! Once you are happy and content with your career, you have become successful, so simple, yet I never would have though.

A lot of people I know who are in New York for school automatically think that their lives will be great because they will be thrown into corporate PR and make tons of money and work for the stars. Now that I think of it, I would never want to be in that type of environment. It would take out the fun and passion of PR and push in stress and hatred! I love PR and if New York PR is what determines “successful” PR, than I want to be an “unsuccessful” PR professional living in Philadelphia, working for whatever I am passionate about and living happily. Call me crazy but I think happy is the way to be! Public Relations is steadily growing in Philadelphia with tons a great people and ideas, my hopes are high that we will change the way people look at PR rather than turn into another city corrupted by fame.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Olivia Ragni. Follow her on Twitter: @oliviaragni

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