Shadowing PR Practitioners

When I attended Careers 101 hosted by PPRA last week, several opportunities to shadow a PR practitioner were given out as raffle prizes. Although I did not win one of these chances, Bill Larson, who was one of the professionals available to be shadowed, advised me to not let that deter me from taking advantage of shadowing opportunities.

As someone who is interested in the competitive field of sports public relations, I realize the difficulty in entering the field. Bill Larson suggested that even though I may not have had the fortune to win a shadowing day with a professional, I should contact a practitioner in the sports field to ask if he or she would be willing to let me shadow him or her for a day.

Although I have not yet worked or interned in the sports public relations field, it would be valuable to be able to follow a practitioner to learn about his daily duties and responsibilities. This would provide insight as to what I may encounter should I choose to work in sports public relations. Not only would I acquire this useful information, but I would also gain a valuable contact.

Do whatever you can to get knowledge and experience in the field you hope to enter. Pick up the phone, preferably, or send an e-mail inquiring as to whether a practitioner would be willing to let you shadow them for a day. What is there to lose?

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Evan Nicholson. Follow her on Twitter: @evannicholson

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