Update on PRowl Public Relations’ Wonderful Founder

Last spring, PRowl Public Relations was founded by Natalie Herr, then a senior at Temple University. A year later, PRowl Public Relations is still going strong even though our founder Natalie graduated.

Also a year later, Natalie is married, living in Dayton, Ohio and is starting her own cupcake business! The business is called Tickled Pink Cupcakery. Check out this excerpt from her site:

Tickled Pink Cupcakery is the first gourmet cupcakery in Dayton, OH. We not only bake our cupcakes with the freshest ingredients, but we take them to the next level. Our moist cake, creamy frosting and unique flavors will have you tickled pink!

Natalie is a wonderful cook (I would know, I’ve tasted her delicious food) and runs a food blog called, Oven Love.

Check out both of Natalie’s blogs and consider ordering yourself some cupcakes…

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