¿Hablas español?

This year I recently declared a double major in Public Relations and Spanish. I’ve always had fun learning different words and being able to speak in a different language, and double majors supposedly look good on resumes, so I figured, why not? It’s only a couple more classes. Only recently did I realize the benefits of speaking a second language in the workforce.

Many jobs today deal with international clients in many cities across the world, so companies have recently been hiring more and more employees who can speak more than one language. Knowing another language offers a wider choice of jobs in various fields. Public relations is one of the top jobs where knowing a second language is particularly useful. Other jobs include marketing and sales, secretarial work, banking and accounting, law, and teaching.

Being bilingual can come in handy with any job that works closely with clients, especially when the job requires employees to travel. Knowing the language of the country ahead of time makes communication abroad much easier, and avoids awkward miscommunication. Plus, traveling overseas for business and knowing the language gives employees a great opportunity to experience the culture of another country!

More and more reasons for learning a second language are arising. Whether a US company merges with a Mexican firm, or a corporation establishes an office abroad, the need for bilingual employees is increasing. As careers increase due to globalization, being bilingual puts potential employees one step ahead. Maybe taking a foreign language class or two isn’t such a bad idea! Even knowing the most basic skills of a foreign language can put you ahead of the game when applying for jobs!

Are you learning or do you speak a second language? How has it helped you in your career?

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Marissa Sudol. Follow her on Twitter: @marissasudol

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