Press trip update!

Well, I just got back from work 15 minutes ago and it’s time to give all of you an update!

Today’s press trip was a group of Italian journalists and tour operators that were visiting Philadelphia. The journalists were visiting the city so they could go back to Italy and write a story about Philadelphia, or include Philadelphia in a story about their tour of the U.S. The tour operators visit Philadelphia, then when they get back to Italy they will “sell” Philadelphia to their travelers as a trip, or as part of a trip to the U.S.

We got to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and said hello to everybody. Because everybody else spoke little English, my boss and I stood back and observed them taking their tour of the museum and talking amongst each other. It was a very interesting experience!

One of the journalists from the group had to interview somebody from The Franklin. We hailed a cab and took her to speak with The Franklin’s PR person about the new exhibit coming to the museum, “Galileo.” When she was done with the interview, we took her back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art so she could join the rest of the group.

Going on my first press trip, I didn’t know what to expect. Everybody was very nice and welcoming when I was introduced to them. It would have been nice to be able to chat with some of the journalists and tour operators and see how they liked it so far, but the language barrier was difficult. Overall, I had a nice time and can’t wait to go on another trip!

Separate from the press trip, my boss and I also went to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. We were part of a media group that saw a presentation about the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show. We were then guided through this year’s show, “Bella Italia.” After our fabulous tour, we went upstairs and joined some other people from the media for light refreshments.

All in all, today was a pretty eventful day! Hopefully I’ll have more stories to share with you about my experiences as an intern at PCVB!

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