Facebook is trying to tweet?

With the growing popularity of Twitter, Facebook may be looking at a future competitor. Though the two social media sites don’t step on each others toes too often presently, there is definitely cause for concern. One major worry is the advertisers of Facebook moving to Twitter.

Facebook has recently updated the site with “real-time web” applications, to compete with the threat of Twitter. Instead of asking, “What are you doing right now?” the site will be changing the question to, “What’s on your mind?” in an attempt to garner more responses. (Twitter asks simply, “What are you doing?”) Facebook is also lifting restriction on how many “friends” users can have; instead of only 5,000 there is now no limit.

So who will win the popularity contest? Do you prefer Facebook over Twitter or vice versa? Or is it too soon to say, both sites accomplish different things.

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