Can Social Media Save Retail?

In a blog that I recently read, the focus was social media. How can it affect your consumer’s understanding of your brand? What is its importance? Here are a few tips that I gathered from the entry.

Build a community.

JC Penney’s was the lead example of how to promote interaction between your audiences. With the amount of departments in the store, there are options for giving the consumer a connected feel to the company. Give your audience the ability to stay in touch and a part of your brand.

Expand your knowledge.

Social media acts as another channel to make your mission known. You can integrate these new tools into your previous ways of promoting your product or company, but don’t forget what you’ve always known. Continue to do what made you successful in the first place while adding these helpful sites into your strategy.

Be persistent and timely.

Updates to your social media sites are vital. In order to have an effective campaign, you must stay timely and keep your audience intrigued. If you make a Facebook profile, you must keep up with it to establish and maintain credibility.

Be active on the Internet.

The rise of social media with sites such as Facebook and Twitter has sparked interest and usage by many. Although there are some negative aspects, these tools are useful in spreading awareness about your product or company.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Stephanie Loiero. Follow her on Twitter: @xo_steph

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