Rihanna + Chris Brown = PR Problems

The Rihanna and Chris Brown incident have garnered a great deal of press recently for many reasons. The young celebrities are dominating forces in the entertainment industry and with serious cause for concern on both ends, public relations professionals are being called in.

The rapper, singer, entertainer and more recently, actor, Chris Brown, (only 19-years-old) hired a crisis public relations agency to assist in his rather large predicament. With so much at stake, the future of his career and his credibility are at risk, if not already massively hurt. The Los Angeles based PR firm, Sitrick And Company are well known for aiding celebrities caught between negative publicity. The company can more recently be related to Mel Gibson and the public’s negative reaction to his situation. Along with the help of Sitrick, other media professional as well as lawyers, the magnitude of Chris Brown’s situation does seem to require tremendous expertise from various outlets.

Though, after visiting the website of the “Strategic Communications Firm,” as they tag themselves, the About Us section goes on to say, “Sitrick And Company is one of the nation’s leading public relations firms. While best known for its communications work in sensitive situations…” So, perhaps Michael Sitrick, himself, along with his staff really does have a handle on controlling negative press and directing the media. But, after taking a look at the very very very extensive and diverse client list the firm has acquired over the past twenty years, I would be lying if I wasn’t curious about how this firm actually operates.

Is anyone familiar with the firm, Sitrick And Company? What have you heard?

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