When Does It All Become Too Much?

Ask a college student, “So what’s on your schedule for today?” and their answer willl most likely be, “Well I have class, then my internship, and I probably will be at work until 10 tonight.”

Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not. This is true, and as a busy college student myself, it’s hard to believe.

With the downfall of our economy and the competition to find work, the expectations of college students are extremely high. Parents just simply cannot afford to pay for tuition, let alone give their children some spending money. This is when the great need to find a job comes into play. Students need money for groceries, rent, and their simple wants and needs.

Now on top of schoolwork, you have work. Work will take up a sufficient amount of time, but it gives you the money that you need! For the moment what seems more important? Studying for a prolonged reward, or working just a couple of hours, to put cash in your hands?

Not only is it cash that you need, but it is the “real life experience,” professors would say, that internships provide. When my sister was in college just a few years ago, one internship would do the job. Now, professors recommend at least three before you graduate! Most internships do not pay, and take up more time than work and classes.

So now you have schoolwork, work, and an internship. There is not much time for anything else!

I believe it is important to earn money and get the experience you need, but college students need to take a step back. This is the time to find yourself, explore, and have at least a little fun. So if you are having trouble balancing it all, think about eliminating one of your obligations. Just don’t drop out!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Samantha Sultzer. Follow her on Twitter: @samanthasultzer

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