A Quick Fix

The New York Times published an article this week, Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems, discussing quick and cheap tricks to fix “misbehaving gadgets.”

Although these tricks may not have anything to do with public relations, I thought they could be helpful for all the readers!

  • Cellphone almost out of charge?

Cellphones lose their charge faster when exposed to warm temperatures (like your pocket!), so in order to preserve your charge when you’re without a charger, stick your phone (turned off) in the fridge overnight.

  • Need to expand the range of your remote car key?

Use your head as an antenna! Put the metal part of the remote key and hit the unlock/lock button. The fluids in your head can expand the range a few car lengths.

  • Cartridge running out of ink?

Ever run out of ink when trying to print an important paper? Take out the cartridge and heat it with a hair dryer. The heat helps remaining clogged ink move through the cartridge.

  • Drop your cellphone in the toilet?

Immediately take out the battery, dry it with a towel and stick the phone in a bowl of uncooked white rice. The rice has a magnetic attraction to water molecules, sucking the water out of the phone.

Other fixes in the article include how to: Get a longer WiFi reach, clean dirty discs, diminish the flash on a cellphone camera, and save a crashed hard drive! Check out the helpful article, and I suggest forwarding it to all you know!

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