Fashion for the moment…

I always try my best to post interesting and worthwhile entries on here. Though, I can’t always promise they will be relative to public relations, I can only hope to offer you something of substance.

Sooo, with that being said… My new favorite obsession is the New York Times blog called, The Moment,  

which highlights both women and men’s fashion, travel, food and design. This blog has especially been updated frequently due to the fact that it’s FASHION WEEK in New York City. There is also an exciting new trend occurring, and this one is not on the runway. Instead, it’s the idea of utilizing, (yep you guessed it) social media. Designers, writers, reviewers and spectators are now able to give instantaneous updates by twittering and blogging from their front row seats. The mentions of twitter and blogging are almost inevitable to spot in any fashion post it seems lately. Who will be the first to share what they have just witnessed to cyberspace and the fashion aware audiences? I sure am interested in knowing the next up and coming fashion trends… anyone else interested?

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