The Importance of a Thank-You Note

In my Fundamentals of PR class last night, we had two guest speakers come in to talk to us about our final project. They are both writers and communications experts. They told their stories, then we got the chance to ask them questions. We talked about our futures and where we would like to go in PR and that internships and networking are very important.

Our professors said that, in almost every situation, she always hires somebody that sends her a thank-you note after the interview. Our guest speakers were also able to confirm the importance of that note. Even when they’ve been at networking events, they will find a nice letter in their mailboxes a few days.

Next time you meet a professional that gives you excellent advice, or when you’re interviewing for your dream internship (or even job!), take the extra time to hand-write a nice thank you note to them and stick it in the mail that night, or the next day. It can’t do anything but help you. It looks very professional and proves that you’re the right person for that position, especially if it’s a very close race between you and somebody that didn’t send a thank-you note.

1 thought on “The Importance of a Thank-You Note

  1. That class was so helpful!

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