A Different Presidential Relationship…

“Obama poised to be first ‘wired’ president,” is an article I found on CNN.com this morning. It highlights the use of social medias and Internet sites our president-elect utilized throughout his campaign. With accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, can we expect communication from the White House, like we’ve never seen before?

I’m actually very excited about this because not only does it mean social media is a force to reckon with, but it attempts to break down the rigid barrier between President and citizens. This is a chance for us to establish a different sort of relationship with our President. Instead of checking WhiteHouse.gov, Americans as well as the world can log on to sites we visit everyday and get updates from the Oval Office conveniently perhaps on our (Facebook) mini feed.

Obama’s use of social and online medias has been praised for its effectiveness. He has effectively altered the traditional media model. So what do you think about Obama’s use of social media?

1 thought on “A Different Presidential Relationship…

  1. Obama’s use of Social Media wasn’t really anything new, it was just done on such a HUGE scale and how it became coupled with the traditional media sources. What gets left out is what he did at the very beginning of his campaign to even give him a chance against Clinton. That was the true testament to the effectiveness of Social Media marketing, his first push that got him into the competition.–ChrisguerrillaRed.com – < HREF="http://www.guerrillaRed.com" REL="nofollow">Philadelphia Social Media Marketing<>

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