Any Last Words?

President Bush held a news conference on Monday, and called it “the ultimate exit interview”. During the conference, he addressed various parts of his presidency and his plans for the future. He also took questions from reporters, but would not answer any questions on what pardons he would issue before the end of his term. He also took the time to thank reporters who have covered him in the past 8 years, and to warn Barack Obama about the dangers of terrorist activity that still exist today.

Bush said that he had made mistakes during his presidency, but has also learned to block out some negative flack that he has received in the past. If he had listened to everything everyone had ever said about him, it would have been hard for him to continue on as President.

President Bush also said that he planned to stay out of the spotlight once he left the White House, and who could blame him. He vowed to keep busy though, and has some projects that he will attend to in the future.

“I just can’t envision myself, you know, with a big straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, sitting on some beach,” the president said, adding, “particularly since I quit drinking.”

You can read the article here, and get more details about his news conference. From a PR standpoint, do you think he did a good job at the conference, or should he had done things differently?

*All information taken from the article, “Mistakes, I’ve Made a Few, Bush Tells Reporters”

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