What Will 2009 Bring?

Many PR people may be asking themselves this very question. What will happen to PR in 2009? It’s already a rapidly changing field, so much can happen in a year.

I’ve compiled a list of some great blogs that have come up with their own ’09 predictions. See a short excerpt from each post, and click to check out the full post!

Pierce Mattie Public Relations blog
: Clients will need to be educated on digital media. I use digital media to be the umbrella for everything online from digital magazines, to websites, to podcasts, to blogs, to life streaming to social media. Traditional brands do not want to let go of print. While print still plays an important role in the relationship with the public, digital is now surpassing it. Social media is not the future, it is NOW. Clients want hard statistics and measurable ROI and hesistate because digital is hard to quantify. However–if they are not being educated and becoming actively involved in this platform I can guarantee their competitors are.

Common Sense PR blog: That also means it’s back to basics when working with the media. No longer can PR firms hide behind bulk email blasts and hope that something – anything- sticks. Those that got this lazy will have to play catch up to those publicists who worked on building relationships, not spamming.”

Communication Overtones blog: “Measurement will be key: Clients and bosses will want to know, ‘Where’s the beef?'”

Nick Lucido’s blog: “Ethics for you and me: I think 2008 was a year of dishonesty and unethical behavior. Whether it’s the Madoff scandal or the Blagojevich drama or the Wall Street CEOs and their ridiculous bonuses; it hasn’t been a pretty year. I’m hopeful that corporations have learned to be honest, ethical and transparent – 2009 will be the year to show it. Now more then ever, public relations professionals are relied upon to build that trust. Mike Cherenson from PRSA talks about how important this will be for the professional in a PR Tactics article.”

The Buzz Bin blog:Social Marketing Trend, Hot: Community collaboration, Not: Personal branding.”

The Flack blog: “The line separating bloggers from mainstream journalists will continue to blur, leading to one amorphous media ecosystem. The most authoritative bloggers will be compelled to adopt accepted journalistic standards and practices, i.e., checking sources, while the vast majority will not.”

What are YOUR PR predictions for 2009?

1 thought on “What Will 2009 Bring?

  1. Thanks for putting me in such great company, Jessica. Overall, I’m excited for PR in 2009 and it seems like others are, too!

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