The True Test of Love…

Do you have way too many Facebook friends? You check your requests and you have two from old high school friends, and always a few from those random people that are only “friending” you because they think you’re attractive or they know a friend who knows your cousin’s sister.

Well, the full-service advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, has come up with a creative way to de-clutter your account. For Burger King, they have come up with the “Whopper Sacrifice” application that allows users to swap 10 Facebook friends for a free Whopper.

All who have a Facebook account can understand the drama of “de-friending” a person. Even worse, when you “sacrifice” a friend to get to your free Whopper, the person is notified that you love Whoppers more than them (in more poetic language, of course).

Although some may be offended as their number of friends decrease, and more messages are sent telling you the Whopper is more popular than you, it gets people talking. And even more importantly, for those who decide to cut off a few friends, the application gets traffic into the BK locations, an important step in the product adoption process.

So what do you think? Will the application work? Have YOU added it yet? Let us know your thoughts!

1 thought on “The True Test of Love…

  1. I think that is brilliant!!! Too bad I don’t eat beef. Is there something to offer those who prefer chicken or fish???

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