Social Media as a Stress Buster?


It’s clearly the hot topic of this month for many people, but especially for students what with finals upon us.

Did you know the social networking can relieve stress?

I saw an interesting post on PR Squared a few weeks ago written by Mari Ryan about how social networks like blogging, Twitter, and texting can actually RELIEVE stress.

Ryan writes:

We live in a world where our ability to connect with others is limitless. The Internet and social networking provide us with a means of connecting with others that may help with reducing our stress. Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist most well known for the “hierarchy of human needs,” described the “sense of belonging” as one of the social needs that is core to our self-actualization.

How very true. I know that I use many different forms of social media and I often feel a sense of satisfaction when I make a new connection or someone replies to one of my ‘tweets.’

Ryan goes on to say:

Research shows that bonding results from these interactions and creates a feeling of belonging and connectedness. The effects of stress are lessened through such interpersonal relationships and strong support systems.

So interesting! Next time you’re feeling stressed, tweet about it! You never know who might make your day a little better.

What do you think? Do you think that social media can relieve stress?

1 thought on “Social Media as a Stress Buster?

  1. I agree that Mari Ryan’s post was a good one… but it was at PR-Squared, not the Common Sense PR blog.Though that is also a kick-ass blog. 😉

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