It’s Ladies’ Night…

While I was driving home to visit my parents a few days ago, I heard a really interesting advertisement on the radio. A Philadelphia jewelry store is holding ‘Ladies’ Night’ where women and their friends can come and make a holiday wish list for their husband or boyfriend. While browsing the store’s selection, ladies can enjoy wine and refreshments to create a party atmosphere. One week later, the store will be holding Guys’ Night, where gentlemen can come and check out the holiday wish list chosen by their wives and girlfriends who attended the first event. Again, to create a great atmosphere beer and refreshments will be served. I thought this was a really creative idea for attracting customers who might be on a tight budget and think twice about buying jewelry this Christmas.

A few days later I came across this NY Times article that talks about the same concept used by that jewelry store. Because budgets are tight this holiday season, many smaller companies are sponsoring special events instead of spending large amounts of money on advertising. It talks of a comic book store holding art shows and a futon store holding a comedy show. Personally, I would enjoy attending a special event like those mentioned instead of seeing tons of ads thrown at me, often times I just ignore ads on television or in a magazine anyway.

Although this is a great way to raise customer awareness and get that sale, events need to be done in a certain way to be successful. These tips were offered in the article:

-If you are having a performer at your event, like a comedian, provide incentive to get them there.

-Make sure the event doesn’t overshadow the brand of your company. You want the event to help

consumers identify your brand, not create a new one.

-The tone of the event needs to be genuine. Customers will know if you are only focused on getting a

sale out of them.

-Use social media to promote the event, as well as your brand.

As many companies have to cut back their marketing budgets this season, it could be very beneficial to them to use my favorite PR tool, a well-planned event!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Laura Macenka.

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