PRowl’s 100% Guilt-Free Blog Entry

Although I keep up with the daily news—well, for the most part—I have to admit that I love keeping up with the month-to-month features and columns of women’s magazines, especially Glamour. In particular, my favorite features section is Life & Happiness, where there is always a “100% guilt-free page,” that lets us all know we’re not alone in whatever we are thinking, or doing. So, as the end-of-the-year stress piles up, I think it’s important to let our readers know…

Hey, it’s okay!

…to wake up debating whether it’s more important to wash your face, or hit the snooze button for ten more minutes.

…to put lyrics to songs like “Manic Monday” on your Facebook status, because that’s the only song you can relate to right now.

…to settle for fast food on-the-go just to save the time and stress of cleaning up.

…to have at least one half hour of “me” time every day to de-stress. Even if it’s just to take a power nap, or catch up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

…to stay in on a Saturday night because it’s the only time you can relax.

…to inwardly groan, and then say “no,” when someone at work asks if you can cover their shift…on December 26.

…to not do it all in one day. I mean, you’re only human!

…..I hope that helps everyone during this busy time of year!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Ashley Kraynak.

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