It’s That Time of the Semester .. Again!

The end of a semester always brings lots of stressful things. Finals, papers, projects, the list goes on and on! Along with all of that good stuff, the end of a semester means client evaluations for PRowl Public Relations. There is some good news though – they don’t have to be that bad! Here are a few of my tips to get through evaluations quickly and painlessly.

  • I like to ask myself one simple question: What did we do, and how much? This means thinking of all the things that the account I’m with has done, and how much of we did. For example: What did we do? Handed out fliers in LOVE Park. How many did we hand out? We handed out 300.
  • This question is so important because everything in an evaluation needs to be quantified. It’s best to keep track of things like this during the semester, because then you won’t have to scramble for numbers later on!
  • Include any clips from the campaign, as well as links to the information that is posted online.
  • Really think of things that can be done in the future and include them. Do you want to stay with this certain client? Give them a reason to want you back!

These are just some of the tips I’ve picked up over my time in PRowl. Hope they help!

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