Guerilla Marketing

Fellow board member, Jessica Lawlor, sent an e-mail out to PRowl Public Relations’ board of directors yesterday, with a link to this article.

Burger King is having people “drop their wallets” around in some major U.S. cities. In the wallet, it advises the good Samaritan to keep the wallet, and hopefully it will make them go to a Burger King in the area. Reports are also saying that some of the wallets have actual cash in them ($1 – $100) and Burger King gift cards.

Check the article out, it’s pretty neat!

Happy holidays!

1 thought on “Guerilla Marketing

  1. This promotion is really cool! I have never seen anything like it. Its definately out of the box, but it is perfect timing for christmas, espcecially with how bad the economy is right now. Guerrilla marketing is one of my favorite tactics because of the out of the box ideas. Burger King has been really great at this lately. One that I remember was last spring when they had the Whopper freakout. (but they made a tv commercial out of that and used a more viral campaign.) I am proud to say that these great ideas for Burger King come from VML in Kansas City, where I am from.

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