Don’t forget to celebrate!

The holidays are fast approaching and along with the rush of getting ready, we can all be extremely busy. But don’t forget to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself!

Plan a holiday party with your peers, friends and co-workers! It will be nice to socialize without the anxiety of the work place and the mayhem of e-mails or deadlines. Getting to know each other is always fun and interesting.

Tomorrow PRowl Public Relations is having a holiday party! Its going to be a pot-luck, so everyone will bring something and we can all sit at the dinner table, enjoying each others company, without the board room feel. We’ve all been working really hard this semester and we deserve a break, but so do you! So get started and plan a party or event! But don’t stress over it, it can be as casual or as formal as you would like. Just remember to have fun!

Any fun party or events you might be planning for the upcoming holiday season? We’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget to celebrate!

  1. aww.. have so much fun, girls! i miss you all!

  2. I am planning a holiday party for my job where I am a server/bartender. I have worked there for 2 and 1/2 years during college, so my manager put me and another veteran in charge of the event. We are making it pretty casual, having the event at Johnny’s Tavern on a Sunday. The place was important because not all of the employees are 21, so we needed a place everyone could get in. Also, the day was really important. We needed to do it before people left for home for the holidays, but after finals week. This only left a few days to choose from, so we picked a the sunday after finals week. We are going to do a white elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a general gift and we exchange in a little game. Tonight we are talking to the manager of Johnny’s Tavern to set it all up and we will be finding out what kind of budget we will have from our general manager today. Once we find that out, we will be able to plan some fun stuff for the employees attending! We hope that the party will be relaxed and fun for everyone before going home for the holidays.

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