Scholarships for PRSSA Members

The current financial crisis hit its peak late September causing many big-time loaners to cut back or stop issuing student loans. I read an article by Christina Rexrode called “Student Loans Still Out There, but Leaner.” She explains that federal loaners are dropping out of the market or making their standards tighter for students who are seeking federal loans for school.

During these tough times money doesn’t come easy, but there are a variety of scholarships that PRSSA offers to their student members. Located on PRSSA’s website,, under the section, Member Scholarships and Rewards, there are over 15 different scholarships. They range from scholarships rewarded to PRSSA members who have excelled in school and during an internship or even for members who submit an essay displaying that they thoroughly understand the importance of ethical conduct in the Public Relations profession. These scholarships offer monetary rewards which range from $500-$2500. Below are some of the scholarships that are offered by PRSSA and their descriptions from the PRSSA website.

Gary Yoshimura Scholarship: Monetary Reward: $2,400

This scholarship is opened to all PRSSA members, who must display financial need to further their education in the Public Relations field. This scholarship has been created and dedicated in memory of Gary Yoshimura, who was a leading professional in the Public Relations industry. You are required to be a PRSSA member, must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA based on a 4.0 grading scale, must submit an official transcript, a letter of recommendation from an internship supervisor or an academic advisor, write a 1,000 word essay describing a personal challenge that you have faced and how you have overcome it and a complete statement of intent and financial need section.

National Gold Key Award: The National Gold Key award was created in 1983 to acknowledge PRSSA members that have displayed outstanding leadership within the Public Relations community. It is the highest honor bestowed upon members of PRSSA. Qualifications for this reward are as follows, the applicant must have been a member of PRSSA for at least two years, be a senior or attending graduate school, have a GPA of at least 3.4 in their major, include an academic transcript, have had a PRSSA leadership position at a chapter or at the national level, have completed a professional internship, affirm their intention of becoming a member of PRSA within a year of graduation.

For more information on the scholarships that are offered by PRSSA visit:

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Josie Fox.

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