Christmas Before Halloween?

When I took a trip to my local Target in early October looking to pick up some Halloween decorations for my apartment, I was thrown off guard with the abundance of Christmas décor! The Halloween section was minuscule, compared to the prevalent display of Christmas decorations on sale.

This display was quite puzzling; I thought we still had Halloween and Thanksgiving to tackle? Turns out, I was the only one thinking that way. I saw tons of middle-aged women ruffling through the Christmas decorations eager to benefit from the bargain!

The Halloween section stood alone, looking pretty dreary compared to the Santa in his sleigh and the array of reindeer’s and lights.

It frightens me that the downfall of our economy has caused an early Christmas shopping uproar. The United States is already known for moving too fast and losing sight of the present. With the discounts and plethora of Christmas décor in early October, it makes one forget the occasions that fall before Christmas. Halloween and Thanksgiving can be just as fulfilling, and should not be forgotten.

I understand that our economy is experiencing some turmoil. So when Christmas does come around, one might consider not spending as much as you usually would. However, let’s get through eating the turkey, before we hit the malls!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Samantha Sultzer.

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