Public Relations + Advertising=The Perfect Way to “Fluff” Up A Campaign

Sometimes a plain peanut butter sandwich is the perfect snack to satisfy any consumer (who does not have any peanut allergies, of course). However, sometimes peanut butter is not enough, and it requires something more, something special to get the job done. Those who are silly reach for grape jelly, those who know how to eat reach for the marshmallow fluff. Metaphors aside, different situations require different promotional strategies. Although public relations can certainly be the sole form of promotion, certain situations might require help; this is where advertising can lend a hand.

The definitions of public relations and advertising are very different, but in terms of promotion their goals are quite the same. Both fields strive towards a similar outcome but do so in different ways, and this is exactly how an arm in advertising can be beneficial.

For example, an event is being thrown for Product A, and the event needs to be promoted. A public relations professional can certainly reach an audience through press releases and media pitches, but a campaign can be strengthened if an advertisement is created to air a week before the event on television. Even in terms of consumers – what happens when a consumer is impossible to reach with free media? This consumer can easily be reached by advertising efforts.

When used together like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, public relations and advertising can be the perfect solution to spread the word.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Keith Flanagan.

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