Chase Does it Again

Friday was an amazing day in Philadelphia. More than a million people turned out to watch the Phils roll down Broad Street, basking in their 2008 World Series glory. The parade atmosphere was much calmer than the atmosphere after the win on Wednesday, and many younger children were in attendance in addition to the adult crowd.

When the parade finally made it to the stadium, and all players, coaches, announcers, etc. made it to the stage, it was time for speeches. The crowd got to hear Harry Kalas, Shane Victorino, Brad Lidge, Brett Myers, and of course, Chase Utley. Chase Utley is always a crowd favorite, especially today. As he was giving his speech in front of thousands of people at the stadium, and thousands more watching at home, he gave a remark that no one will ever forget.

“World Champions. World F*ing Champions!”

After those words left his lips, the crowd roared and jumped to their feet in excitement. Everyone on stage laughed in astonishment, and cheered on their superstar. The quotes I’ve read in papers that parents have given about Utley’s choice of words haven’t been negative. I’ve read that people knew he was excited about the big win, and that they explained to their children not to use that sort of language.

What do you think? Did he cross the line by saying those words when he knew he was on live TV and in front of families? Or is it okay because he has the right to say whatever he wants to? Let us know!

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