iPhone Hater? Hate no more, the G1 is here!

Until now, the iPhone has dominated the cell phone industry since its original release. But on October 22, this will all change. Google, who’s partnering with carrier T-mobile, has created a true competitor for Apple, the G1. In order for the G1 to be successful, they must distinguish themselves with features that the iPhone doesn’t have. And Google’s marketing and PR team have done just that.

Maybe it’s just me but I think the G1 is going to destroy the iPhone, just like the Phillies destroyed the Dodgers (go Phillies!) The following is why the G1 will take over iPhone:

T-Mobile carrier – For all of you who out there who dislike AT&T who carries the iPhone, you should think about getting the G1. T-mobile is a less expensive carrier option that makes the phone available for a bit cheaper than the iPhone, for $179 compared to its rival the iPhone at $199. The data plan is also considerably cheaper than the iPhone.

Keyboard option- For all you techies out there that just can’t stand typing on a touch screen, the G1 has a keyboard, just flip up the touch screen and ta-da!

Flexibility of Desktop Organization – For all you organizational freaks out there, now you can organize your desktop on your G1 just as you would do on a computer. You can create folders, files, music play lists, place icons on your desktop, and save web pages. So, all you obsessive compulsive people out there can be at ease.

Google Maps – My favorite feature is the G1 google map. With the google map feature, you can track where you are in real time. You can start the application and figure out which street is on the west side of the building that you’re sitting in. With the G1 you will never get lost again!

If these cool options haven’t swayed you iPhone users to switch to the G1, than hopefully Google PR can persuade you in the media. They have already managed to get an article in the Wall Street Journal with a pretty good review.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Olivia Ragni.

1 thought on “iPhone Hater? Hate no more, the G1 is here!

  1. I think the general public reaction to the G1 is that it runs on a Google developed OS and that Google has a habit of selling consumer information – their web browser has received a bit of a cool response because of this and I kind of hope the phone receives the same treatment. I hate to say it, but the phone kind of looks like Apple’s first PDA from the early 90’s, or at the very least a piece of hardware that’s 10 – 15 years old. It’s just not the same as an iPhone in any way that I can see.

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