Word of Mouse

As public relation students we learn how to pitch stories, write news releases and write media alerts, all of which are aimed toward print publications. Lately the word ‘dying’ has been used as an adjective to describe this 300-year old American tradition. The amount of money that advertisers and customers have been putting towards newspapers has dropped dramatically. This has caused newspaper stocks to go down and for many of them to ultimately die.

But, are newspapers really dying or are they just evolving? The internet has now become the big medium. Advertisers go where the people go and the people have moved onto the internet, but so have newspapers, TV stations and the radio. What does this mean for the public relations field? It means that we too are going to have to evolve. We are now going to have to learn how to incorporate internet promotion and marketing into an overall promotional campaign. We are going to have to not only know the magazines, newspapers, TV stations and radio channels that will hit our target audience, but also know what blogs and entertainment websites they visit.

Information is readily available to all of us by a click of a mouse. We need to make sure we get our information at the end of every click. So start blogging and venture onto websites that you might not usually go to. Today it’s all about the word of mouse!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Josephine Fox.

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