One Night in Perez…

Need Hollywood gossip? Spend a minute on Perez Hilton’s widely known gossip blog, and there you have it. Perez Hilton has become the tinseltown queen of celebrity gossip, and is unstoppable. On his vibrantly pink website, Perez informs us with the juiciest celebrity gossip, and adds his own flavor.

Who is Lindsay Lohan dating now? What did Zac Efron wear at the London premiere of High School Musical 3? What did Elisabeth Hasselbeck say this time? All these questions can be answered on Now if you’re not interested in all of these celebrities, you can easily just use the star seeker and jump to your favorite celebrity. Any gossip Perez has found on your favorite celebrity will be there, from past to present.

Not only does Perez provide the gossip, he likes to be creative with his blog. Adding his own touch of sassiness, Perez likes to draw on the celebrity photos emphasizing their character, and flat out humiliating them. Although, it’s just a blog of human opinion, has become a phenomenon, and celebrities cannot help but be affected by his tirade.

Perez has become so popular, that MTV granted him his own broadcasted award show. Perez was actually able to meet and give awards to the celebrities he thrives on gossiping about. His popularity has also granted him many other television appearances, high fashion advertisements on his site, and his own clothing line, “Perezcious Collection”.

Who knew that a gossip blog, could be all the rage? Perez Hilton takes celebrity gossip to another level, and I don’t think anyone would mind spending a night our on the town with him!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Samantha Sultzer.

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