There’s Nothing Like October Baseball

Happy October everyone! It’s that time of year again for postseason baseball!

As everyone is getting prepared to watch their favorite teams throughout the day, TBS is hard at work too. Not only are they prepping their TV announcers, but they’re also making some last-minute changes to their website with

My favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, play at 3:00 this afternoon – right in the middle of my day, and taking off of work for baseball isn’t a very good excuse. I’m sure that there are plenty of other people in the same situation – this is where TBS and come to the rescue!

This article explains the unique features TBS and have in store for October. Not only are they offering multiple live videos of the games, they are also using social media! You can interact with other fans around the country in live chat rooms and vote in different polls throughout the month! Today’s advancing technology is amazing; allowing people all over the country to interact with each other from the comfort of their own homes…or offices.

Go Phillies, and play ball!

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