What do you like about PR?

This is a question that PRowl Public Relations’s Board of Directors has been trying to answer this weekend. Below are our responses. What do you think? Let us know by commenting…we want to hear what other PR students and professionals like about public relations.

Jaime Scofield, Firm Director says, Definitions of “public relations” vary. One such definition is “the actions of an organization in promoting goodwill between itself and the public.” Although promoting goodwill between your client and their publics is always a goal to achieve, the part of public relations that thrills me the most is the problem-solving that takes place when creating your campaign. There are many situations in which an organization will need the assistance of a public relations expert (a negative situation, an event, maintain goodwill, etc) and each will require a different outlook. And don’t forget, a problem is not always negative. A problem to be solved could be “what is the most creative way that we can reach out to our target audience that will influence them to purchase a ticket to this performance?” All problems need a solution, and thinking critically and creatively about this is my favorite part of public relations.”

Melissa Marsili, Assistant Firm Director says,I like the teamwork aspect, and working with other people who want to do great work. I love the diversity of PR. I like dealing with different types of clients, that way I don’t get bored! I also really like that you can work in several sectors of the career world with a PR degree.”

Crystal Wang, Assistant Firm Director says, “I enjoy public relations for so many reasons, but mostly because the options and opportunities are endless! Whatever you are interested in you can intertwine with PR. Whether it is sports, charity work, entertainment, corporate or anything in between, they all rely on public relations in one way or another.

Jessica Lawlor, Director of Public Relations says, “My favorite thing about public relations is becoming an “expert” on many different topics. When working with a client, you must become an expert on their organization and the topics and news that surrond their business’s industry. You are forced to learn about things that you would have never otherwise looked into. For example, at my internship last week, I did extensive research on vision and different eyeglasses companies. It wasn’t something that I would have ever chosen to learn about on my own, but I definitely learned some interesting facts.”

Reilly Fies, Director of Finance says, My favorite part about PR is getting to help businesses and organizations succeed. I like being able to plan special events and getting to carry them out. Planning events is fun because you get to be really creative and you can see the success that they have. I like thinking of neat, different ideas that help draw a crowd.

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