Tips for Interns!

Be Responsible: This means quite a few things, such as making sure you get to work on-time (which means arriving early, not right on the dot) and meeting deadlines. Also, with responsibility comes expectations; it is important to position yourself in the office as reliable and accountable.

Be Focused: Take your internship seriously because it could lead to other opportunities. Listen carefully to directions and what other people are saying. Don’t be afraid to take notes and write things down so you can remember them later. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking questions if you are unsure of something.

Be Proactive: Your boss might ask you to do something and accomplishing the task is one thing, but doing something more to show your creative side or that you really care is important. You don’t necessarily have to go “above and beyond” for every task your assigned, but putting forth extra effort, while showing enthusiasm really says something about you.

Be Attentive: Avoid distractions and pay attention! Keep your cell phone off your desk; texting and personal phone calls are not appropriate in the office unless there is an emergency. If you can’t bear to turn off your cell phones, you must put your phone on silent or vibrate. Limit socializing with co-workers unless on your lunch break and try not to gossip or contribute to the office rumor-mill.

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