Center City’s Restaurant Week

Today I received three separate notifications about the upcoming Restaurant Week in Center City. One was a brochure placed on my refrigerator by my roommate, another was an email from Campus Philly and the last was an email from Philadelphia’s Center City District. So naturally, my roommates and I started browsing through the 100+ restaurants all over Philadelphia that participate in Restaurant Week, so we could find the perfect one to go to!

For those who don’t know, Restaurant Week is a designated week where places all over Philadelphia offer a three-course meal for $35 (tips, drinks, and tax not included.) During the week, restaurants are jam packed with college kids getting away from cafeteria food, Philly natives trying out new places and the people who want to go out for a good time! Even though $35 is probably more than most college kids spend on food a week, it’s a great opportunity to check out trendy restaurants in the city, eat great food and spend a lot less that you would on any other night.

After reading Jaime’s post about Tiffany & Co. and their great customer service, I immediately connected it with Restaurant Week. Even though places are offering certain dishes for much less than usual, what they are getting in return is well worth it. While we get a night of good food and good times, restaurants get a whole week of booked reservations and full houses. They give a little, and get a whole lot!

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