The iPhone craze… about to dominate college campuses too?

It seems like there is always talk about Apple and their amazing iPods or iPhone in the news. So today, when reading the New York Times online, it was no surprise to see Apple in the headlines yet again. This time, however, it was about colleges and universities offering students the pocket-sized technology do-it-alls. In my opinion, I think it would be great if Temple University offered students iPhones. Of course, students are still responsible for paying plans, but there really could be many benefits to having more technology at our fingertips. Instead of lugging our laptops to class we would be able to access the internet, e-mail and valuable information at all times. Apple has not publicly commented on which institutions have committed to bulk orders for students, but schools such as Duke University and University of Maryland have shown interests in Apple technology and products before.

There is no doubt society is more technology concentrated; just look at Temple’s own Tech Center! Even though critics and professors may be weary of students and the distractions of technology, perhaps it is time we embrace it. iPhones and iPods for everyone!

Check out the article…

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