How to Promote Your Blog

You already know that having a blog is a great PR tool and something that employers love to see on a young professional’s resume.

Now, the problem is. No one is reading your blog. How can you promote your blog and get people to read it every day?

The following tips are things that PRowl Public Relations has done to promote our blog.

  • Post regularly. Daily is really preferable. If you are keeping your blog current and interesting, people will be more likely to bookmark it, or subscribe to the RSS feed and come back day after day.
  • Read other blogs! It’s so important to keep up with other blogs within your field, and get to know the other bloggers. Start out by reading their blogs, and commenting when you feel it necessary. Then, send an email to the blogger expressing how much you enjoy reading their blog, and sending them your link letting them know they might be interested in reading yours.
  • Join Twitter, and write updates with a creative headlines about your latest post with a link to your blog. That way, the people who follow you might click on the link and find themselves interested.
  • Send out an email to your University’s PR listserv, so that other PR students can read your blog.

Keep in mind that we are still learning and promoting, so if you have a suggestion feel free to leave us a comment!

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