Olympics Fashion

I have been extremely excited for the 2008 Olympic Games.

All I have been talking about for the last week has been swimming, gymnastics, China, Opening Ceremonies, President Bush, human rights, etc. etc. etc. Lets just say the Olympics has been on my mind.

So, on Wednesday I was thrilled when Project Runway dedicated an episode to creating costumes for the United States Olympians to wear for the Opening Ceremony. Now, as most of us already know, this was not a real contest, as Ralph Lauren designed the United States outfits, but it was extremely interesting to watch, not to mention drummed up excitement for the incredible Opening Ceremony that took place last night.

Ralph Lauren’s design was impeccable, stylish, and chic. The overall look for many key countries: USA, Japan, and France was extremely preppy and put together. However, this look worked fabulously for the United States.

Some other highlights from the Opening Ceremony last night:
-The 2008 drummers perfectly in unison.
-The part of the ceremony where acrobats trapezed around a humongous globe.
-President Bush clapping awkwardly for Iraq.
-President Bush and Laura Bush glancing at their watches at the same time.
-The 2 hour long Parade of Nations (was a commercial every 10 minutes necessary?)

What do you think of Ralph Lauren’s design?

Do you think that the 2008 Opening Ceremony lived up to its hype?

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