What a Doll!

When he is not battling political pundits on the tube or jet setting around the globe, you can find the presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama on sale for 12.99 at jailbreaktoys.com.

I first heard of the Obama doll through my Essence Newsletter and immediately smiled. It’s silly to think of a plastic doll as revolutionary, but it is. The creator of the doll, Jason Feinberg, creates “action figures” of people who have made positive changes in the world. Some of these people include Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, and Che Guevara.

What does this doll have to do with Obama being revolutionary? Well everything!

It’s the utmost compliment. I cannot think of any other presidential candidate that has ever been more globally publicized and embraced than Senator Obama.

It’s amazing to know that people all over the globe believe in his message. For example there is a group of singing dancers from Japan that flew to Hawaii (Obama’s home state) to perform a dance commemorating the Chicago senator. There are also Obama statues on sale in Japan.

I only hope that the American public will not rule him out as a celebrity, and not take him seriously at the polls in November.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Ashlee Chisholm

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