I like to think of myself as a savvy shopper…

Just last week, I headed to my nearby Target (favorite store ever!) to get a new DVD that had just been released. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew exactly where to go to get it.

Since I have been in this Target approximately 7000 times, I confidently strode into the store, headed to the left, up the elevator and directly straight to the…rack of children’s books? Where did the DVD’s go, I asked myself.

Confused, I looked around to make sure I was seeing correctly. Yep. Vision was fine. DVD’s were still nowhere to be found.

“They moved the DVD’s!” I exclaimed to my bored boyfriend.

“Yes, Jess, they did, why don’t you look around for them,” he replied.

I started walking up and down the aisles and around the corners. My favorite store had changed everything on me! I no longer felt at home, in a place where I once knew where everything was.

However, I did find myself quite distracted by…

Ohhh! Look! There’s that book I wanted to read.

Hey, that looks like a good CD!

Ooo, new Ipods!

Finally, I found my way to the DVD’s, but not a moment too soon, as I almost purchased about five items that I did not need.

What a great sales strategy.

Change things up every once in awhile move things around, so that loyal customers need to do a little searching, and while doing that searching, perhaps finding something that they didn’t necessarily set out to buy…

Now, maybe Target really just decided to do a little cleaning, and moved their shelves around, or maybe they just got bored with the layout…but I am willing to bet that sales had something to do with the move.

Taking those two extra minutes out of my life to search for the DVD’s almost cost me way more money then I planned on spending!

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