Blown Away by Bloomberg

Yesterday, my class and I went on a tour of Bloomberg. For those of you who don’t know Bloomberg is an information-service, news and media company specializing in business and finances, founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. Most people recognize Bloomberg as a financial news channel on television. But Bloomberg also has radio and web services as well as specialized technology. The company has offices all around the world, with its biggest in New York City.

The tour was really a grand experience. The building’s architect, technology and people were all extremely fascinating. When you walk around the magnificently designed building, the wonders of technology surround you. The London office also has the second largest collection of tropical fish in the United Kingdom! Even the arts are displayed and emphasized in a special gallery, which is open to the public on certain days.

Our tour guides gave us great insight on the company and what Bloomberg’s vision centers upon. Bloomberg has a few philosophies, they include a “transparent theory,” which is apparent by the glass walls throughout the offices. The point is for all employees to have the chance to be involved with other things going on. Also, there is a sort of flat hierarchy, with even levels and an open communication—open plan. As one employee said, she sits just beside her boss, though you might not even know that because employees do not have job titles! The work environment seemed so calm, relaxed and friendly.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the incredible experience I had visiting Bloomberg. I really enjoyed learning about such a progressive company where everyone has such positive attitudes about their work and the company.

Feel free to fish around their website at

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