Strait Jackets and Clinics…a Typical Day in Tinseltown

We all know celebrities always have interesting dramas that are spread all over the tabloids. Who is dating who? Which celebrity couple is going through a divorce? But recently new headlines have surfaced—mental illnesses.

Numerous celebrities share their struggle to overcome mental illness. For example actress Kirsten Dunst admitted she checked herself into a rehabilitation facility for clinical depression.

Jackass’s Steve-O blogged about being bipolar.

Comedic actor Owen Wilson admitted attempting to commit suicide, and of course the cautionary tale for all celebrities—Britney Spears, who had an endless parade of public meltdowns.

The American public feels closer to these public figures once they admit they have a mental illness. The mental illness displays a sign of normalcy which is what the American public seeks in their celebrity icons.

I personally believe the recent influx of mental illness in Hollywood is simply an excuse explaining their out of control behavior. It reminds me of the American legal system. You do something bad, blame it on a mental illness, and you get a slap on the wrist. It’s the same with celebrities. Celebrities (with the aid of their publicists) constantly think of excuses to explain their erratic behavior.

The times have surely changed. Thirty years ago celebrities were advised not to disclose their personal problems and to maintain an image of perfection. But in the 21st century the public embraces celebs who remind them of themselves and no longer seek “perfect celebrities”. We accept them for who they are—strait jackets and all.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Ashlee Chisolm.

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