Rebecca Davis Dance Company – Client Update

Even though our work on the production of Darfur is done, we are still keeping busy with RDDC. Currently, we are working on writing a press release to send to Philadelphia media about a trip that Rebecca took to Rwanda this summer. She was one of 16 Americans chosen by Global Youth Connect to be part of the 2008 delegation to Rwanda.

Through our previous work with RDDC, we learned that Rebecca not only has a passion for dance, but a passion for human rights.

This summer, she has been working with two Rwandan dancers named Munyarukumbuzi Emmanuel (Manou) and Theogene Niwenshuti (Totto). Together they have been creating a dance work that embodies the themes of conflict resolution and reconstruction in the post-genocidal period.

Upon Davis’s return, she will begin working on a follow up dance, which will be called 1994 in Philadelphia. This piece will tell the stories of the 1994 genocide survivors in Rwanda, but will be performed by 10 American teenagers.

Rebecca will be back in the United States on July 14, and everyone is excited to hear about her trip! PRowl Public Relations is especially excited to keep working with this young and ambitious professional.

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