Uhma Style Photo Shoot

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help out at one of our client’s photo shoots in Delaware. It was so much fun and a really great experience; also I made some new friends!

Erik, the owner of Uhma was having the photo shoot for some of his new products. The pictures will be mainly used for his website.

I got there around 10:30 AM and the models had already finished getting their hair and makeup done. The wonderful photographer, Vera, was testing the lighting with some of the models behind a green screen. Things were just about to start, and the models took turns taking product shots of the clothing. After some other posed pictures, we took a break and had lunch. Once we finished our meal, we got back to business and took tons of different pictures with all of the models (Julie, Caitlin and Jason). I was also put in charge of using the wind blower for effects in some of the shots, which was entertaining. The shoot continued and wasn’t over until about 6:00 PM. Overall the day was a great learning experience and I had tons of fun.

Here are a few pictures I took during the photo shoot:

Here is Jason taking some photos behind the green screen with Erik watching closely.

Here is Julie posing with Vera capturing her pose.

And here I am with Julie, giving our best model poses during a break in between takes.

1 thought on “Uhma Style Photo Shoot

  1. ok so i *just* randomly googled uhma and stumbled upon this and it just makes me giggle. Crystal rocks <3kisses,julie

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